November 14, 2016

 So I jumped on the LipSense train, and I have no plans on getting off! This stuff is AMAZING! It literally last 12+ hours. I apply it on in the morning and it will stay on till about 8:00 in the evening. Granted, it doesn't look that great by then but it still is on my lips. I have listed below some of my pros and cons that I have found using LipSense. 

                          PRO:                                                                                        CON:
-It lasts all day long                                                              - The color burns your lips if you don't 
-The gloss is super hydrating                                                      shake the bottle
-The lip color has a good pigment                                       - It does start to crack throughout the day        
- The application is so fast and easy                                    

So as you can see my pros definitely weigh out the cons. I really was impressed by the product. I didn't notices however that it isn't a good idea to rub your lips together in between drying time. It just makes it crack and pulls the product a little.

LipSense has an amazing selection of shades and you can choose a glossy topcoat or a matte. I received the glossy and I like it with the color as well as without. It gives you just the perfect amount of gloss. You can keep applying it throughout the day to hydrate the lips.
The color I'm wearing in the picture is First Love. It is a perfect everyday color. This would make a great gift this holiday season!

Check out my girl Brooke with Lips Be Honest. Tell her I sent ya! She will be happy to help you get all set up with your starter kit. 

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whitney said...

Love this color! Love this product. If you apply the gloss a few times throughout the day, it stays on even longer!

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