November 14, 2016

 So I jumped on the LipSense train, and I have no plans on getting off! This stuff is AMAZING! It literally last 12+ hours. I apply it on in the morning and it will stay on till about 8:00 in the evening. Granted, it doesn't look that great by then but it still is on my lips. I have listed below some of my pros and cons that I have found using LipSense. 

                          PRO:                                                                                        CON:
-It lasts all day long                                                              - The color burns your lips if you don't 
-The gloss is super hydrating                                                      shake the bottle
-The lip color has a good pigment                                       - It does start to crack throughout the day        
- The application is so fast and easy                                    

So as you can see my pros definitely weigh out the cons. I really was impressed by the product. I didn't notices however that it isn't a good idea to rub your lips together in between drying time. It just makes it crack and pulls the product a little.

LipSense has an amazing selection of shades and you can choose a glossy topcoat or a matte. I received the glossy and I like it with the color as well as without. It gives you just the perfect amount of gloss. You can keep applying it throughout the day to hydrate the lips.
The color I'm wearing in the picture is First Love. It is a perfect everyday color. This would make a great gift this holiday season!

Check out my girl Brooke with Lips Be Honest. Tell her I sent ya! She will be happy to help you get all set up with your starter kit. 

November 7, 2016

This is probably one of the best gifts you could give yourself! Let's get you starting off the new year feel good in inside and out!  

" I recently had the opportunity to have Megan come and do a personal consultation at my home. I invited my mom to come as well, and is was such a fun night!

We went through our makeup bags, and Megan helped us see what products were good to keep and what products we had that were not quite right for us. She also introduced us to some awesome products that have made a huge difference in my daily routine. She showed us how to apply makeup properly, and answered and questions we had. I feel like I learned so much, and had such a fun time in the process.
Megan is truly beautiful inside and out, and so easy to be around and talk to about anything you might be struggling with when it comes to beauty and self image. There are so many images on Pinterest and Instagram of what is considered beautiful and they are, but often times they are so hard to achieve. Megan really focused on my and my features and what makes me beautiful rather than trying to make me look like someone else.

Thank you Megan for such a fun and helpful consultation. It has made a big difference in the way I get ready each morning and the way I feel about myself."  -Tiffany

October 26, 2016

What an AMAZING class we had the other night. As a makeup Artist one of my main goals is to help my clients feel comfortable in wearing their makeup and applying it as well. Makeup should be used to enhance your beautiful natural features and build confidents in yourself. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics does just that and much more. Her goal is the help women be who they are, and be pretty and powerful. It was such a treat to have my friend Deynece Reypkema. She is the Sales and Education Executive for Bobbi Brown. She  has worked directly with Bobbi and truly understands her passion for this company. Deynece helped educate and inspire our guest to not only be themselves but to choose makeup that fits them. It was such an amazing night. I have to give a huge thanks to Cents of Style for letting us use their offices for our event and for providing our guests with adorable earnings. I also have to thank Sephora at Fashion Place Mall for giving us the most adorable gift bags! To learn more about Bobbi Brown Cosmetics click here. And don't forget to check out Deyence and her tutorials at DeuxBella.  XOXO

October 13, 2016

This has been one of my new favorite products. I have always been using a gel liner with a brush because I feel like I have more control. But I switched it up and I love the results. This liner is really easy to apply and it gives you a nice classic look. 

August 30, 2016

It was such a pleasure to be able to do hair and Makeup for this gorgeous lady. We kept her eyes simple with a touch of color on her lips! I'm obsessed with her dress!.. I mean, have you seen anything more amazing! ( Heart eye emoji worthy)

August 11, 2016

 Ladies, I can't tell you how excited I was when Cara,  of Maskcara sent me her IIID Foundation Palette. I have always wanted to try it, and see what all the rave was about. Well, let me tell you, it is definitely worth all the rave. I did an unusual thing, I was so impressed by the palette that I made a video review. I was totally out of my comfort zone. I know I've done Studio 5 many times, but something about sitting alone with a camera in my face freaked me out. But, I swallowed my pride and I made a video review. I wanted to explain all my pros and cons about Maskcara products in my own words. It felt easier to be honest through a video. So check it out!

How cute is this packaging?! I have an appreciation for well designed product. It really shows the quality and effort that was put into the product! Well, done!



Maskcara was so generous to provide my viewers with a coupon code! If you type in "megb" at checkout you will receive 10% off your purchase! How awesome?!
I have listed all of Maskcara sites below so check her out and don't forget to follow her!

June 14, 2016

If I could say one word about Rodan and Fields Unblemished, it would be "Wow".  Ever since my second baby I had really struggled with acne. The acne was mainly on my forehead and my doctor said it was hormonal. I started taking some medication and it helped control break outs.. well sort of.
I would still break out here and there, but my skin in general, was not what it used to be. I saw some information about Rodan and Fields and it looked like it could really help with the symptoms I was dealing with. I was willing to try anything.  I went online to Rodan and Field website and took a little questionnaire that would help place me with the correct products for my skin. The results said that Unblemished system was right for me.

The Unblemished system is a 4 step treatment. You have a wash, toner, serum and lotion. It can be a little nerve racking to jump right into a new treatment but Rodan and Fields has a booklet that helps you start the system slowly using a weekly chart.  The last thing they want is to shock your skin and cause more breakouts or irritation. The booklet explained all of the products, the ingredients and their purpose.

When you try a new skin care regimen it is important that you try it for at least 4-6 good weeks. This will give you the best results and help you determine if it is best for your skin. Keep in mind that your skin can sometimes breakout before it gets better.

Here are the things I loved about the Unblemished system. First, I loved the toner, it really cleaned off any excess dirt and didn't burn. One of the ingredients is witch hazel. It really soothed my skin.
Second, I loved the serum. It is a Benzoyl treatment. I had tried other benzoyl treatments in the past, and It never made my skin feel smooth. They had always irritated my skin.

Here are the things I didn't love about The Unblemished system. First, The face wash didn't clean off my makeup very well. It felt like it didn't clean my face at all. The only time I felt like it worked was when I used it with my Clarisonic. Second, I didn't love the lotion. My skin is really dry and It didn't hydrated my skin enough. I felt like I was always reaching for additional moisture from other face lotions I have lying around.

All in all, I would say that the Unblemished system really exceeded my expectations. I had tried so many things that weren't working and I just kept breaking out. This has changed my skin for the better. I haven't had any major breakouts in weeks. The texture of my skin is better, which in return makes my makeup look better and stay on longer.  My Acne is gone and the scaring is starting to lighten. And believe it or not my dark circles have faded a little.  I finally feel comfortable going without makeup. There is nothing to conceal or hide.

I love how my skin looks and feels. I'm so happy with my results and I will continue to use Rodan and Fields.

I really recommend Rodan and Fields to anyone. They have many different types of systems depending on your skin concerns. Go check out their site HERE!

If you have questions or are just wanting more information. I recommend contacting my rep Sarah Turner. She is one of the consultants for Rodan and Fields and she really lead me in the right direction. Her contact information is below.

Sarah Turner
Instagram: @prettyskinsarah

April 13, 2016

Ladies, Summer is coming and its time to do some spring cleaning! Lets get your makeup routine ready for the warmer weather. I had such a high demand last time I had this sale that I thought I'd bring it back! Contact me to book and an appointment.

April 6, 2016

Carli is such a natural beauty. She usually keeps her look basic and easy. She wanted some tips on how to step up her makeup routine with a thicker eyeliner as well as adding blush. She also doesn't curl her hair very often and I wanted to show her how to create texture and dimension. 

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